The first lottery for weekend (morning block) tee times will be held this coming Tuesday May 2, at 6:15am at the golf course restaurant. At that time, we will draw tee times for the weekend of May 6-7. The lottery will continue each Tuesday for approximately 20 weeks, with one notable exception*


The following guidelines govern the Ridgefield Gold Course lottery for weekend tee times:

  • Eligibility: Persons at least 18 years of age holding a valid 2017 membership card, with the exception of Non Resident Gold Members who are not allowed to attend the lottery.
  • Any expired card (2016 or older) will be placed at the bottom of the pile and drawn last.
  • Only one card per group may be put in the box. “Double Dipping” is not allowed.
  • No tee time made at the lottery may be adjusted down to less than 3 players at any point prior to the actual tee time. 
  • The person under whose name the reservation appears must play in that group, except that spouses may draw tee times for each other.

* On Tuesday June 27, we will draw tee times for the following dates:
July 1, July 2, July 4, July 8, July 9.
(There will be NO Lottery held on Tuesday July 4)

Groups who can, or choose to play after 11:10am on weekends, may make their reservations seven (7) days in advance in accordance with our standard policy.