1. The lottery begins at 6:15 am sharp each Tuesday morning until late September as specified by the clock in the restaurant. Once the lottery has begun for a specific day, late-comers for that day are allowed to select available times after the lottery for that day is completed
  2. Only valid 2021 RGC membership cards will be allowed in the lottery drawing. Persons with expired 2020 RGC membership cards will be allowed to select available times after the lottery for that day is completed.
  3. Only ONE reserved Tee Time per membership card is permitted.
  4. Only one membership card per threesome/foursome can be used to get a time. Double dipping is NOT allowed and violators will be suspended from future lottery privileges.
  5. Lottery times are available for threesomes and foursomes ONLY.
  6. Saturday is drawn first, followed by Sunday, and then Monday if it is a holiday weekend.
  7. The person reserving the tee time must state whether they are in a threesome or foursome and must play in that group. Exception: Spouses are allowed to get lottery tee times for their spouses. The spouse will specify at the time of making the reservation that the time is for their spouse.
  8. The person getting the tee time must be at least 18 years old.
  9. Membership cards are held in the Pro Shop after the lottery. The individual picks up his or her card when they show up for their tee time. If they are playing on consecutive days, the card is held till the last day the individual has a reserved time.

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