Here are the revised tee times for 6/24:
Time June 24, 2019
4:10 Ken Meagher
Andy Jawlik
Margot Ingrassia
Liz Ellis
4:20 Amanda Reilly
Terrie Martin
Marsha Giorgio
Steve Giorgio
4:30 Kate Jacullo
Tom Barberi
Randi Davis
Fleur MacIntyre
4:40 Keith Allen
Katie Allen
Gerri Brewster
Enjoy your game!

There will be league play Monday, July 1st.
NO Greenhorn League play on 9/2: Labor Day. 

Please email Lisa S. [] by Thursday 6:00 pm if you cannot participate / need to make a change / for the following Monday play.

Tee times will be emailed and posted to this page by Friday 8:00 pm.

Thank you!