Important Course Information for 2022

Reminders about the GPS cart system:

Each tee box that you pull up to will flash a message indicating any cart rules or restrictions for that hole. Examples of this include: “This hole is cart path only” “Please keep the cart IN the fairway” “Do not drive in the right rough” “Please follow the white line” etc.

In 2021, all of the restricted zones were set to 2mph as we all got used to the system, allowing the cart to crawl through a restricted zone.  The restricted areas are not meant to be penal in any way, but rather limit the damage to wet areas, which given our overall topography, is much of the year. With virtually no exception, any day the course is playable, we allow riding carts; which was the impetus for having the system.

Those of you who are disabled or have any physical limitations will notice that access is allowed very close to most tees, and close to the front apron on most greens.  These areas tend to be dry, so we don’t mind if you save a few steps this way.  Those of us that don’t need this accommodation are asked not to use it.

While it should never happen, if you enter a restricted zone, the display will tell you.  Please reverse out of the zone.  Do not continue forward at 2mph, or exit the cart and try to push it, (which we have observed numerous times).  Now that we have a full year with the system, some permanently restricted areas will be set to STOP & reverse instead of 2mph, meaning the cart will no longer operate in forward and must be backed out. For example, the area between 1 green and 9 tee and the steep hill behind 1 green are permanently set to STOP & reverse.

Areas to avoid in a cart:

  • You should never attempt to drive between 1 green & 9 tee, or park on the steep hill behind 1 green.
  • The grassed area near the flagpole, is a lawn and not part of the playing area of the golf course. Motorized golf carts do not belong there and the zone will be restricted. An exception will be made when staging for shotgun starts. You are welcome to drive your cart into the parking lot to load and unload your clubs. The same rule applies to the grassed area to the left of the 1st hole cart path.
  • Please do not pull your cart onto the grass while you wait for your tee time.  Keep your cart in the paddock until the group in front of you has left the tee and then pull forward ON the path.
  • Any attempt to tamper with or disable the GPS system will result in suspension of riding privileges.


Here are some other policies that warrant mentioning as we enter mid-season:

  1. The range opened last Friday and on day one 4 tokens and 2 baskets went missing.  Tokens and baskets are property of the Town of Ridgefield and are NOT allowed off the property. If you take a token or basket off the premises, you are stealing.
  2. The plexiglass divider at the front desk is permanent, as is the red/green traffic light outside the shop. These are non-covid related procedures.  We have found that controlling the amount of people in the shop at any one time helps our operation run smoother. Please be aware and respect the traffic light outside the shop.
  3. The imaginary corridor between the wooden staircase and the pro shop door, must be kept clear. Someone coming down the stairs toward the shop or exiting the shop toward the staircase, should not have to walk over or around your golf clubs. Please use the bag rack.
  4. Push carts and stand bags are not allowed on tee boxes or on the fringe of greens at RGC.
  5. All golf courses have dress codes.  Some are stricter than others. Ours is pretty straight forward.  Wear a golf shirt and golf slacks, shorts or skirts. Wear athletic footwear. Additionally, we do not allow ball caps to be worn backwards, as it is not “proper golf attire.”
  6. The warm up cage near the 1st tee has a turf strip for both left and right-handed players. The thin square mat is for standing only. Do not hit balls off the thin standing mat as it will eventually tear.
  7. Going forward, we expect to be fully subscribed on every nice weather day.  We will begin to enforce the no-show, short show, and late cancellation policy in May. If you are charged a fee under any of these scenarios, do not engage the seasonal, hourly staff.  Questions or concerned should be directed to me and me only. A detailed breakdown of the policy will be available on our website.


Tee time bookings, adjustments or cancellations.

If you book a tee time online, you will receive a confirmation email within a few seconds of completing your reservation. This is true if you book over the phone as well. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your email address in the system may be incorrect, and you should call the shop right away. If you do not have a confirmation, you do not have a tee time and may be turned away.

You may not cancel a tee time online. You must call the golf shop to cancel.  Only the person with the tee time can make adjustments.  Other members of the group should not call to add or subtract players.  Do not leave phone or email messages to book, cancel or adjust tee times. Someone is in the shop over 80 hours/week, to help you with any changes.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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